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English and Students - 10 Jan 2016 00:45


In this article, there were examples of effective methods of memorizing English words. And we can definitely say that by using these methods, it is easy to memorize foreign words - is quite real. You just have to set a goal, believe in themselves and begin to work on the English language. And then, one day, the ability to communicate easily or give lectures in the language will become your reality. But putting a goal to learn English, be aware that you can not learn it for a month or six months. This is a fairly long process. Experts are sure to reach a good level can be about 2 years old - with daily lessons of 2 hours minimum. After all, language learning has a feature: up to a certain point there is only "accumulation" of knowledge (this period is the most difficult). At this stage, you are constantly accompanied by the feeling that nothing happens and you do not understand! And as a result, many are beginning to doubt their abilities and cast language learning. Therefore it is especially important right now to show the willpower to apply these effective teaching methods - and believe me, you will open a second wind. At some point, there will the so-called "brain explosion", you will feel a special pleasure from the fact that really can understand and speak - and will continue to respect themselves for their perseverance!

I do not believe in something that is worth only find the magic "pill" - modern techniques and you instantly and without any difficulties to master language. Learning the language - is not just a transfer of knowledge from one head to another. It's your work, your efforts, your time. A method and teachers only help you by directing the path of successful language acquisition. Learning English - a continuous process. If you have reached a good level, and do not stop! Even a very good level of easy to lose. It is known that in 2-3 months, carried out without training, the language begins to be forgotten. Therefore, constant practice. In group lessons have several advantages. First, you have an extra incentive - to be no worse than the others. Therefore you are actively engaged during the lesson and homework. Secondly, the group helps to remove the language barrier, as you overcome your shyness in dealing with class members. Combining individual and group lessons makes sense in cases where you need to learn the language in a short period of time (before the interview, internship, exam), or require specialized knowledge, specific terms (in the field of medicine, management, technical language). Be sure to purchase a small book in English. It may be unpretentious detective, romance and other "light" literature. You can find books that are attached to the cassette with their contents.

Through interesting stories, and ease of understanding, the words themselves will be remembered! Put on your headphones and listen to the tapes to any English text: the training course for which you are trained, recorded radio or television, texts, well-read you, or just the song texts. Even if you do not focus on the understanding of the text, the subconscious mind will do this job for you. Be sure to watch movies in English. They come with or without interlinear translation. Speaking impossible to master without the knowledge of grammar. Of course, just need to learn grammar! These tutorials like Grammar in Use (Raymond Murphy) to help you learn in an independent grammar. But in order to communicate with ease, requires conversational practice. - Comments: 0

How easy you are given memorizing English words or paraphrase of texts? - 10 Jan 2016 00:43


The fifth stage of the strategy is formed in the understanding of its purpose, to remember her. Studies have shown that people with good motivation and a good reason to learn the language, able to learn it much faster and more quickly others. There are even cases of rapid initial study of the English language, such as the story of a Moscow engineer, who was able to learn English in just a month - knowing that it will allow him to work on a good position in a foreign company. Students who say certain words would be required in the next lesson, Statistics remember them better than those who do not mention this, as in this case, triggered the effect of responsibility and motivation for the future occupation. This effect works in complete dependence to any undertaking that is not possible without a good reason and motivation, desire. Motivation in this matter gives the internal forces and provides a very important direction in achieving the goal. In other cases, people who are beginning to learn English because it is very fashionable and beautiful, often drop out halfway. And if you have a clear purpose and form, then your chances of successfully master the language is much increased. To achieve maximum results in this stage of the strategy can be recommended in the first place remember why and what you are learning English. Perhaps you want to go to study in the UK or Australia, or to see the original version of the famous musical, you want to get a promotion, or want to give a lecture in English, want to go to live in an English speaking country. Memorizing words, choose, especially those that you are actively using the English language, this will form your spoken language which you can apply at their level.

         The sixth stage of the strategy is to teach at a subconscious level. If viewed as a small child very easily masters the native language in the course of the game, communication, cognition of the world, it is possible to draw an analogy with a man who was in an English-speaking country and quickly "absorb" the tens and hundreds of new words, along with the features of pronunciation and grammar . And we can say that this benefit is provided by teaching language immersion, which compensates for the memorization of words and special seats for textbooks. This method works on the basis of the possibility of using the latent potential of his subconscious. Already it is not a secret that the average person uses only a small part of the potential of their own brain. And when using the hidden features of your subconscious, people have successfully mastered any language. It has been proved that the subconscious is trained several times faster than consciousness. This effect occurs in those moments when our consciousness is engaged in another activity. For example, while watching the film takes place or chat on the phone, you attention to the topic of conversation, but at the same time, your subconscious mind memorizes new words. To make effective use of this method is recommended to study English words in practice. For example, read an interesting story, watch movies, listen to audio, news and more often communicate with people in English. Then your mind will be occupied by the plot, and the subconscious mind can easily learn new words and expressions. On some courses, it applies this method of learning where the words are not taught specifically. And yet, they are easy to remember, if you use the teaching methods at a subconscious level. - Comments: 0

Proofreading Services - 19 Dec 2015 22:12


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Hello, dear readers of my blog!

Long time since I wrote anything on the blog for almost a week, the horror. This stagnation in the development blog linked to my business trip in Nizhni Novgorod – education in full-time employment. I'll be back soon, and I will continue to write posts.

Probably, many regular readers of my blog thought that I was "blown away", was rarely to write and gradually throw blog.

Nothing of the sort! The desire to lead and develop a blog only increased, and I have still a lot of work and interesting posts! Very soon I plan to increase traffic to the blog and become a blogger the chiliarchs.

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Proofreading and Editing Services - 01 Dec 2015 16:55

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The term "slang" means traditionally expressive and sensually colored vocabulary of spoken language that deviates from accepted literary language generally accepted standards. By the way English slang, and study in educational institutions for preschoolers learn more by clicking on the link. This term is primarily used in relation to the British language and its functioning in the UK and the United States. Slang in the British language composes thirty percent of the words in colloquial speech. This action is original, not allow an unambiguous assessment.

There is a version, in fact the word "slang" is formed from the incomplete rants beggars' language or rogues' language (prison language) – suffix to the first noun was joined to the next word and the final syllable in 2 words disappeared.

It is customary to divide language in literary and non-literary. Final to include the subsequent varieties: jargon, vulgar language, jargon, slang. Professionalism – this word, applied in small groups of people on the planet, United by one profession. Vulgar language – this harsh word, usually do not consume intelligent people in the community, a special lexicon used by people of lower social status (prisoners, drug merchants, vagabonds and so on).

The jargon – this word, used explicit social or United by shared interests groups that are backstage, strange to all good.

Slang - this word, which is often considered as a failure to observe generally accepted standards of model language. This pretty live, mocking the words that are used to represent things that are declared in the daily life.

Slang consists of words and phraseological units, which were formed and initially were used in separate social groups and reflect the holistic orientation of these groups. Becoming common, these words usually cherish the emotional-evaluative character, wanting from time to time, the "character" assessment is changing. Here is an example from Russian language – the lexeme "trash" (the artistic environment of consumption) means now in common support perk. Initial negative semantic evaluation is changed to useful.

Therefore to stop slang students should use proofreading service - Comments: 0

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